Tycho Design creates unique instruments thatinspire the spirit through their beauty and arouse the mind through scientificprecision.

Inspired by the 16th century
nobleman astronomer who
personified eclectic.  

Astronomical Clocks

Scientifically, Tycho is known for the discovery of a newstar (now known as a supernova) in 1572 and the Tychonic System that has thesun orbiting an earth centric solar system with the other planets orbiting thesun.  The Tychonic System observationallyprovided the same results as the Copernican system but without thesacrilege.  Tycho was also known for hisdetailed astronomical observations that were five times more accurate than whatcurrently existed at the time.  Tycho alsopracticed astrology, common for astronomers at this time, and alchemy.  

Tycho’s personal life was equally unique.  As a young man, a disagreement over amathematical equation lead to a sword duel where Tycho lost his nose. He wasresigned to wear a silver and gold prosthetic nose the rest of his life.   Tycho lived in an island castle calledUraniborg that was dedicated to the sciences. He had lavish parties, a moosethat roamed the castle that developed a taste for Danish beer, and a dwarfnamed Jepp, whom Tycho believed was clairvoyant, as a jester.  

Tycho Brahe was exceptional and unique and brought greatchange to our understanding of the world and the universe in which it exists.

The Team

A passionate team of entrepreneurs and engineers.

Cliff Reeser

Iana Elledge

Custom Designs

Each Tycho Astronomical clock is a custom piece and can bedesigned to fit the demands of the space and owner.  Current creations have included placing gemstones in the zodiac plate depicting birthdays, local language requirements,and zodiac refinements.